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Water Heater Repair

    Is your water heater giving you trouble? Some flue trouble can blow out the pilot light. Check the flue for back draft with a match. Light the match, and then blow it out. As it smokes, place the match by the flue opening. If the soot is pulled in the flue your heater is drafting properly. The thermocouple, the little guy the pilot heats, can go out spontaneously, if the pilot won't light and the gas pressure is normal, check any other gas fired appliance in the home, than it can be repaired. If the water heater tank is not leaking, typically it can be repaired for around one hundred dollars. Compared to a 600$ replacement!


Castle Master Mechanical can provide repairs and maintenance to any water heater on the market, from a standard 40 gallon electric heater to a 500 gallon electric tank. Instant water heaters are fairly easy to install, in most applications, and are efficient as well as Earth friendly. Heat exchangers offer large amounts of hot water that is readily available. PVI heaters and Cyclone heaters confuse and amaze other plumbers while we at Castle Master enjoy repairing them, as well as increasing their efficiency.