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Union or Non?

    Feed back is the most important measure of customer satisfaction. Without feedback to relate to, a plumber can only guess what most people want or need from their technician. We at Castle Master Mechanical value not only our customer’s opinions but also anyone who loves plumbing as much as us! And some who don't.

   What is the current state of our unions? In the past I have heard people discuss union labor with the word lazy and slow.  I have found this to be untrue. Attitudes in the work place come from issues within the company. With a Union involved the pay rate is set in a contract, typically black and white. The rule and regulations are set for the company to follow. Although these rules are rarely followed to the letter, the workers have the ability to  take issues to someone who isn’t within their company but has pull in it. I find the majority of attitudes come from within each individual for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we hear union employees complain more because they can.

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