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Cost versus value

    Feed back is the most important measure of customer satisfaction. Without feedback to relate to, a plumber can only guess what most people want or need from their technician. We at Castle Master Mechanical value not only our customer’s opinions but also anyone who loves plumbing as much as us! And some who don't.

     My parents told me to always take the middle of the road bid on any job I hired out. Their reasoning was, the lowest bid company couldn’t do a proper job for the price they were asking and the company with the most expensive bid was only interested in making money. Cost is simple, we all want to spend as little as possible for a quality job. If all plumbing has to be according to code to make an inspection, than aren’t all plumbers the same. Answer: absolutely not. I bid a job for a customer who flips houses. They require a low bid to move the homes for a profit in a down market. My bid was 300$ higher than the next guy, and in the interest of reducing cost, I lost the job. Unfortunately the plumber I lost to didn’t have value in mind. The job supervisor spent days trying to get his plumber on the job, while carpenters sat and back charged him for the wasted drive. After the house sat, the investors were also loosing funds to intrest or having funds tied into a house that was literally sitting. He saved on the plumbing but lost on the down time and frustration. With deadlines, note the word dead, he also had some explaining to do to his investors. If this contractor had invested in value he would have lowered cost and reduced frustration.  If the highest bid contractor gets a job do they also give the highest value? Are they on time with deadlines and using the highest grade materials?

    Perhaps my parents were wrong. I have found that with the proper research, the company with the highest customer satisfaction is the best value and thus saves frustration and lowers the overall cost. In a nutshell, price needs to take a backseat to value (within reason). A few dollars can make a lot of sense.

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