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What is the worst thing to put down a drain?

Everybody hates clogged, filthy and stinky sinks, but not everyone knows how to fix them. Plumbing problems can cause major headaches, but fixing the problem yourself or ignoring it will only lead to bigger problems and even bigger costs. What you need to do: hire someone to fix your plumbing. Minneapolis is accessible to plumbing companies that can help you solve your problems, but if you need real experts, call Castle Master Mechanical.

We at Castle Master Mechanical know how important it is for a home to have a working plumbing system. Who would want clogged pipes or damaged gas lines in their homes, right? Your home's plumbing system is connected to your drinking water system and drainage of waste. So if you have a defective plumbing system, the cleanliness of your home and your family's general health may get affected too. With our help, you won't have to worry anymore about frozen pipes, flooding caused by damaged pipes or problems in the water or sewer line. We offer services on plumbing Minnesota homes and businesses demand. They include:

  • residential plumbing
  • commercial plumbing
  • water heater repair
  • sewer cleaning and maintenance

Castle Master Mechanical is a locally owned and operated business. We have ties with various commercial and residential companies for construction and remodeling, so we can accommodate all your plumbing needs. No plumbing problem is too big or small for us. Also, unlike other companies offering services on plumbing in Minnesota, we offer you a flat rate system for residential work; no nonsense quotes, just fair, upfront pricing.

Less worries, clean home/business and healthy family are guaranteed with effective plumbing. Minneapolis-based Castle Master Mechanical gives you that luxury with their services. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Local Service

Local service in the metro area
insures prompt attention from a
plumber who understands your
plumbing needs. By understanding
the value of a job done properly
any job can be managed effectively
and efficiently from start to finish.

Bringing value to our customers

Customer satisfaction and dedication are our priority. Cost effective green technology can reduce your long-term costs. A flat rate system for small jobs ensures fair upfront cost management and price assurance. With larger jobs our priority to deadlines saves back charges and headaches.
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